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Private Tour of Ashburnham House with the Westminster School Archivist

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One of London’s most beautiful old houses, Ashburnham House forms part of the School grounds and is therefore not usually publically accessible. On offer is the very exclusive opportunity for you and a group of 9 friends to tour this extraordinary building (parts of which date from the late 14th Century!) and gain an insight into its fascinating history from the School Archivist, Elizabeth Wells. Highlights of the tour will include a chance to walk up the 17th Century Grand Staircase, view the stunning plaster work and carved door frames of the Drawing Room and visit Ashburnham Garden, formerly the site of the Westminster Abbey’s monastic refectory.  Ashburnham House was recently featured in the publication Great Houses of London by James Stourton (2012).

The time of the tour will need to be arranged in advance with the Archivist and the tour must be taken within one year of the close of the auction.


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