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Series of Six Acupuncture Sessions

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Chinese medicine is considered to be effective in healing a wide range of conditions and to have prevented the onset of illnesses for centuries in China. Today acupuncture has become one of the most famous forms of alternative medicine worldwide. 
On offer is a series of 6 sessions of acupuncture, including ...

Services of a Professional Bagpipe Player

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Add a unique and unforgettable element to any special occasion with access to your very own professional bagpipe player who will entertain your guests for an afternoon or evening.

Great School Parent Jean Findlay was taught the pipes from the age of 7 in the West Highlands of Scotland by the great piper ...

Catered Cocktail Party in Your Home for 20 Guests

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On offer is a fabulous catered cocktail party for 20 guests in the comfort of your own home! Established catering company Charlotte Millward Theme Parties will cater a cocktail party in your home for 20 invited guests, with staff included.

Food and staff are included, but drinks must be provided ...

History of Your London House

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On offer is the chance to learn the history of your personal London home, with research compiled by Westminster Parent, Angela Lownie. 

The history will cover what the land was used for before the property was built, the development of your home and its surrounding area, the date the house was built, ...

CV Review and Career Coaching Sessions

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On offer are two 90 minute sessions of career coaching with an experienced coaching professional. The sessions will include advice on CV writing and review and would be a wonderful opportunity for anyone starting a career or looking to take the next step in their current field.

Series of Six Coaching Sessions

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Take ownership of your goals: experience the coaching process. Do you want to gain clarity, order or direction to an aspect of your life? Empower an existing personal or professional relationship? Establish, increase or maintain motivation? Coaching is best described as a partnership with a client in ...

Three Sessions of Executive Coaching

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Executive coaching provides individually tailored help for ambitious, high-ability individuals to achieve success and fulfilment by understanding and overcoming challenges, whether occupational, interpersonal, or psychological.  Clients also learn to independently find solutions to future problems.  ...

Executive Coaching

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Executive Coaching is a process of partnership where the coach works with a client to help them explore how they can be more effective in their role, their leadership and their career, and supports them in making changes. 

On offer are four 2-hour coaching sessions with Master Practitioner Hilary Lines, ...

Series of Five Chairman or Chief Executive Mentoring Sessions

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Tom Langdon-Davies is an experienced Chairman who is passionate about effectiveness in organisations. On offer are five hour-long mentoring sessions which will help you to clarify a range of issues including board leadership and finding the right Chairman for your organisation. 

The first session ...

Personalised Family Memories Video

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On offer is a family video created just for you by a professional video production team from Family & Friends Videos. During a half-day video shoot, the team will interview you and your loved ones talking about your lives and memories, and will then spend a half-day editing this footage to create a ...