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One Week Internship at Park Square Capital LLP

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Great School Parent Robin Doumar has very kindly offered a one week internship at Park Square Capital – perfect for any student wanting to pursue a career in finance.  Working closely with Robin, Park Square’s Founder and Managing Partner, you will gain valuable insight into the world of value investing ...

One Month Internship at Maks Consultancy Ltd

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This is a one month internship suitable for students looking to learn more about the energy industry.

Established in 1987 and specialising in reducing its clients' energy (electricity and gas) and water costs, Maks Consultancy Limited is an energy consultancy company with over 2,000 clients in the UK ...

Week’s Work Experience at Left Bank Pictures

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This is a special opportunity to join Great School Parent Marigo Kehoe for a week’s work experience at her multi-award winning production company, Left Bank Pictures.

Work experience with Left Bank is an exciting opportunity for anyone with a desire to work in TV or film to get a taster of the industry. ...

One Week Work Experience at Officina Coppola

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This is a wonderful opportunity to gain work experience at a high end interiors company. Officina Coppola is a London-based team of artisans, craftsmen, artists and researchers responsible for the production of bespoke, high end, speciality wall and furniture finishes for residential and commercial ...