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About Us

Westminster School has recently taken a bold step to secure new buildings for the benefit of all current and future pupils.  As a result, we now have a wonderful new Sports Centre, and a larger and better Purcell’s boarding house with an additional small chapel and dining room.  At the Under School, the fantastic new Douglas Street building now houses art studios and a dining hall for pupils, as well as additional staff accommodation for teachers. 

Unlike some other public schools, Westminster possesses a relative small endowment fund. Over the years the School has added considerably to its classrooms, science labs, theatres and music centres with the help of generous benefactors.  Additionally, Westminster has worked hard to dramatically increase the level of bursary support it provides for deserving young people.  Those that are in the position to contribute financially have graciously come forward and undoubtedly will continue to do so, for which we are all enormously grateful. 

Still, this recent undertaking is so significant that, given the School’s current need to provide over £1.2 million annually for its expanding Bursary Programme as well as cover the expense of the new facilities, we are now considering innovative ways to mobilize our extended Westminster Community so that each and every member can make a contribution.   We hope that this special Fundraising Auction will help us to do just that, and by lending your support you will be helping us to provide the same excellent Westminster education for generations of pupils to come.